Don't Touch The Hair

When people see Zoe, they are shocked at how much hair she has. This has been the case pretty much since the moment she was born --when the doctor and nurses all agreed that Zoe had more hair than any baby they had ever seen.

Interestingly, Lila's parents weren't even a little bit surprised by Zoe's little Toupe. In fact, they had definitely seen at least one baby that had at least as much hair as Zoe...

Zoe Dances to Esquivel

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Zoe has taken a liking to The Ting Tings, and Esquivel. Check her out, dancing to Esquivel. With any luck she will have some sweet dance moves like her father.

Zoe Is a Goofball

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This might be my favorite video of Zoe's 5+ months to date. Reasons why I love this:
  1. She responds to her name when I call her
  2. She seems to be bonding with her "blanky", and enjoys having it on her face
  3. She has discovered a game which involves laying around with blanky on her face while trying to rip down the pig. She will be eating bacon in no time.

Why would you do this to me?

I thought you loved me? Why spoon this goop in my mouth?

Ah, if only she knew it was just the beginning, and it's only uphill from here. This morning we gave Zoe her first taste of solid food, and let's just say it was not well received. Not that you'd want to eat runny oatmeal either.

Five months old and full of faces!

On Wednesday, Zoe's 5 month birthday, I picked her up and brought her home for a little photo session. She was in a hilarious mood and full of faces... and like the professional I am, I captured almost all of them awkwardly in the frame. Enjoy.

Splish splash!

Bathtime has been popular around here since the early days, but lately Zoe has taken to it in a whole new way. Not only does she love having her hair shampooed, she's discovered the power of her little legs - splashtastic! I needed all new pyjamas myself after her last bath :)

Tummy time

Zoe is NOT a fan of tummy time, so we've had to get creative with it. Anything we can do to get her to hold her head up is great, and this laying-on-mom thing is quite a hit.

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